Silver Jewelry Is Making A Comeback

Silver is the new gold!

That’s right, silver jewelry is all we’re seeing on the streets these days. It seems like gold is a thing of the past. It wasn’t too long ago when gold was the most popular jewelry worn by the masses. It was only about 5,000 years ago, when the Egyptians were wearing gold everything! But seriously, gold ruled the 80s all the way through the early 2,000s. Then silver started to orchestrate a comeback.

Now we’re in the year 2017 and silver has made a full comeback and is the most popular choice of bling. Gold is starting to look more ancient everyday. Keep reading to see some of the most popular ways to wear silver jewelry.

Toe Rings Are All The Rage

silver-toe-ringThis may sound ridiculous but it’s totally legit. Silver toe rings are in high demand right now. Why, because they make a woman feel like a goddess. Couldn’t you picture a Greek goddess wearing a toga, some gladiator sandals, and some beautiful toe rings? We can. Toe rings are in right now so get used to them. They accentuate the femininity that is embodied by a woman.

You can’t wear toe rings and be rough with your feet. You have to pamper them, keep them soft, and of course never injure them. If a woman were to hurt her toe while wearing a toe ring, it could swell up and the ring would cause problems. If her toe swelled up, the ring could cut the circulation off. That would not be good. Good thing only girly girls wear toe rings. They’re not at much risk for injury since they pamper themselves.

We’re glad toe rings are in style right now and we hope it stays that way for a long time. It just brings out the femininity in a woman and makes here feel like a goddess. You can just tell by the way it radiates from her vibe.

Grillz Are Crazy Popular

silver-grillOne of the latest trends in jewelry is getting a grill. We’re not going to pretend to be experts in grillz, but we did buy one recently. You can learn more about grillz from the experts at Real Silver Grillz. They have in-depth information about getting your grill blinged out. Obviously, their specialty is silver grills but they actually have information on gold grillz as well. One of the things that we found most interesting was that silver grillz are actually not made out of silver.

When you think about it for a second, it’s actually pretty obvious that they’re not made out of silver. Silver is a high maintenance metal. You have to polish it frequently. If you don’t polish silver, it’ll tarnish and look like crap. After going through the trouble of getting your teeth fitted for a grill and paying a grip, the last thing you want is for it to go bad. Most silver grillz are made out of platinum or sterling silver. Both platinum and sterling silver require far less maintenance.

If you’re balling, then you should go the platinum route. Not everyone can afford platinum, but it looks amazing! It is the best way to go if you want your grill to shine from a distance. Sterling silver is a little easier on the wallet but doesn’t give off the same vibe as platinum. A sterling silver grill still looks great, but platinum looks freaking awesome.

Neck Bling

Of course, necklaces are one of the most popular forms of jewelry. We’d be whack if we didn’t acknowledge all of the silver necklaces wearers we see on a daily basis. We see you! Silver necklaces are just like all the other forms of silver jewelry, not real silver. They come in all different metals that look silver. Some are titanium, sterling silver, platinum, and sometimes real silver.

We’ve been wearing silver necklaces for the better part of a decade and they are awesome. We like silver necklaces better than gold for several reasons. The first reason is the most important to a lot of our readers. Silver necklaces are much cheaper! A nice sterling silver necklace will cost the same price as a cheap gold plated necklace. That’s a no brainer for us. Gold plated jewelry always wears down and looks like crap eventually. Sterling silver jewelry lasts forever.

The next reason we like silver necklaces is because they look great. Silver is the look of the present and the future. Gold jewelry looks a little outdated in the 21st century. Lastly, we like silver necklaces better because it matches more clothes. Gold jewelry doesn’t look good with as many outfits as silver jewelry. You may disagree with us, but most of America agrees.

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