Is The Genius Pipe All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

rshIf you’re into smoking at all, then you’ve probably heard of a thing called the Genius Pipe. It’s a new product for smokers that is meant to replace your standard pipe. Standard pipes are nice because they’re small and classic. You’ve probably been smoking on yours for years and know how to use it well. What we’re going to cover today is the differences between the two to see if the genius pipe is worth the $90 price tag. Let’s start with the most important difference between the Genius Pipe and regular glass pipes and work our way down. Enjoy!

1. Smoke Quality

The most important advantage the Genius Pipe holds over other pipes is the smoke quality. Most pipe are short and cylindrical. This allows them to be discreet but it doesn’t give the smoke enough time to cool. People who are new to pipes often complain about how harsh they are. My first time using a regular pipe was traumatic. I was coughing up a storm and it felt like it was coating my throat with harsh smoke.

When I first used the Genius Pipe, I didn’t feel the same harshness. The smoke was cool and easy to inhale. It felt closer to vapor than like smoke. The difference between vapor and smoke are huge. It still gives off smoke, but it feels kind of like vapor. This is because the flat spread out design of the pipe. Inside it there are hundreds, if not thousands of dimples that help the smoke expand. This expansion removes the dense harshness that is associated with typical pipes. The smoke is then pulled back together at the mouth piece, making it cool and pleasurable.

2. Durability

The durability of this pipe is off the charts. It’s made out of metal and rubber so there is no way you can break it. Maybe if you take a hammer to it you could bend the metal out of shape but that’s not a realistic scenario. With a glass pipe, you can easily break it by dropping it on any hard surface. If you’ve been using pipes for any length of time, then you’ve probably seen the dreadful shattering of too many pipes to count. The awkward grip that you have to use to cover the hole is why so many people drop their traditional pipes. You don’t have to use that funky grip with the Genius Pipe. You can hold it like a normal item.

Read this thread to learn how to use a traditional pipe.

3. Convenient Size

The next best thing about the Genius Pipe is the size. It’s about twice the length of a normal pipe, so you would think that it would be less portable. Don’t let the longer length trick you, it’s actually way more portable. It’s portability is due to its overall shape, not the length. It’s thinner than your cellphone and about the same length. So it’s even more portable than the phone you carry in your pocket every day.

The smaller traditional pipes are harder to carry because of their thickness. They’re about half the length of your cellphone but fatter than a phone with an OtterBox case. When they’re in your pocket and you bend over, you can feel it pressing into your thigh. It’s really annoying. With the thinner and longer pipe, it doesn’t bulge in your pockets and is really discrete.


It’s a lot more expensive than glass pipes, but it will last you for years and is nearly impossible to break. Those are good benefits but it’s not the main reason I love it. The best part about it is the quality of the smoke. The smoke is smooth and won’t make you cough. It’s tasty and pleasurable. You’ll actually be able to enjoy your bud instead of forcing it down just to feel the effects.

I first learned about the advantages of the Genius Pipe at so I have to give them a shoutout. They hipped me to a new way of smoking and my throat is jumping for joy. In my opinion, the Genius Pipe is definitely worth the $90 price tag.

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