The Craziest Software That Works Forever

The crazy thing about our software is that it actually works. If you knew how bad we were at coding while living in our parents basement, you’d be just as shocked as we were at first.

Welcome to our redesigned website. We’ve been meaning to redesign our site for a while. It was probably hard to find us but we’re glad you found us. Our business model is all about software. We create programs that help make your life easier. Is there a repetitive task that you have to do but think it can be automated? If so, we can help.

softwareWe are a full-time software development company, established to provide solutions for the aviation, education and travel industries. Since our inception, we have since expanded into other niches such as music, social media, and productivity. Our current focus is on developing vertical market mobile solutions for hand-held devices and personal computers, as well as traditional websites.

While developing these solutions we never lose focus on our goal of quality customer support and superior applications. Please contact us if you have any questions or need further assistance. We’d be happy to hear from you and love to help.

The Sad Truth

We can only help you if you reach out and ask. There’s nothing we can do for you without you first letting us know that you need help. For every 1 person that asks us for help we know there’s at least 9 people who didn’t ask but needed help. It’s sad that so many people are scared to speak with us. We don’t bite.

I think it’s the fact that we’re tech geeks. It can be overwhelming to talk to a person who is super knowledgeable in a field that you hate. Most people hate programming but we love it. We promise that we will not use industry jargon and speak over your head. Well, we’ll try not to at least.